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Simon Communities Respond as Emergency Accommodation Figures Grow

9,987 people are without secure accommodation

28 Feb 2019

The Simon Communities of Ireland have noted that while the number of people in emergency accommodation declined slightly over the Christmas period, an additional 234 people accessed emergency accommodation in January.

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Simon Communities call for stronger tenant protections as people continue to be priced out of the market

The charity responds to’s latest Rental Price Report

11 Feb 2019

The Simon Communities of Ireland have said that the latest rental report, released today, shows that tenants nationwide are faced with a “huge disadvantage” in terms of housing.

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Simon Communities respond as new figures show 9,753 people forced to spend Christmas in Emergency Accommodation

3,559 children were among those who entered 2019 without a home

31 Jan 2019

The Simon Communities of Ireland have said that while any decrease in the number of homeless people is to be welcomed, it is troubling that 9,753 people were forced to spend Christmas without secure accommodation of their own.

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Simon Communities respond to November Emergency Accommodation Figures

Almost 10,000 trapped in emergency accommodation across Ireland as 2018 closes

7 Jan 2019

December 21st 2018: The Simon Communities in Ireland have said that it is deeply worrying to see the year close with almost 10,000 people in emergency accommodation. The total number of men, women and children in emergency accommodation now stands at 9,968, according to figures released for November 2018 by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government. 

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Renters are being failed by the system say Simon Communities

Homeless and housing organisation respond to the RTB Index saying people must be protected with a right to housing.

13 Dec 2018

The Simon Communities in Ireland have said that figures released today from the RTB Rent Index Q3 2018 show that the rental sector is failing those who rely on it. This is pushing people into homelessness and preventing people from leaving homelessness behind; people remain stuck in emergency accommodation with nowhere to go. The homeless and housing organisation said that the introduction of full rent certainty and enhancing security of tenure through indefinite leasing would make a significant impact on the thousands of people struggling to find a home or to remain in the home they have.

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Volunteers are at the heart of all we do in the Simon Community, volunteers are essential to the work we do. 

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