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Simon Communities launch Locked Out of the Market and Pre Budget Submission

The housing and homeless organisation say Budget 2019 must be a housing budget

5 Oct 2018

Only 6% of properties are available within Rent Supplement (RS) /Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) levels, according to the Simon Communities latest Locked Out of the Market XII snapshot study, published today. There were 561 properties with no income limits available to rent across the eleven locations during this period. However, just 34 properties were available within Rent Supplement/HAP limits. The snapshot study was undertaken over three consecutive days in August 2018 (14th, 15th and 16th). The housing and homelessness organisation also launched their Pre Budget Submission 2019 detailing their priority areas for the Government in Budget 2019 including: the Private Rental Sector, preventing homelessness, Housing First, emergency accommodation, social and affordable housing supply, health and complex needs and social welfare and income adequacy.

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Simon Communities respond as new Emergency Accommodation Figures are released

Housing and homelessness organisation call for clarity on the ‘re-categorisation’ of households

27 Sep 2018

The Simon Communities in Ireland responded to the latest emergency accommodation report from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government by calling for clarity of the ‘reclassification’ of households removed from the numbers. The report, released today, says that 9,527 people accessed emergency accommodation.

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Simon Communities say Housing First is the way forward in responding to homelessness

The housing and homelessness charity respond to Housing First Implementation Plan

26 Sep 2018

The Simon Communities in Ireland have said that the Housing First Implementation Plan, published today, is very welcome. The housing and homelessness organisation said Housing First is a model that has real potential to change lives and support people to leave homelessness behind for good. Critical to this is implementation; ensuring a supply of secure of affordable housing and then providing visiting support for people in that housing for as long as needed.

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Land Development Agency welcome but Simon Communities concerned by a potential reliance on the private sector

Housing and homelessness organisation welcome long term approach to land management

13 Sep 2018

The Simon Communities in Ireland have responded to initial details of the new Land Development Agency launched by the Government today. The housing and homelessness organisation said that having a Land Management Agency is positive; however they expressed concern that only 40% of affordable (30%) and social (10%) housing will be realised from the disposal of Public Lands by the Agency. This means that 60% of public land used could go towards private housing.

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Simon Communities respond as new Emergency Accommodation Figures are released

Numbers in need of social housing or secure rental accommodation remains too high

29 Aug 2018

The Simon Communities in Ireland have said that the numbers of people trapped in emergency accommodation have increased again and have hit yet another record high of 9,891, according to figures released for July 2018 by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government. 

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Volunteer With Simon

Volunteers are at the heart of all we do in the Simon Community, volunteers are essential to the work we do. 

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