Believe In People


Simon Week 2010

‘Simon Week 2010...Believe in People’

Simon Communities throughout Ireland urge you to take action on homelessness The focus of Simon Week 2010, running from the 4th of October to the 10th of October 2010, is Believe in People: believe in the people that turn to the local Simon communities around the country every day, believe in the thousands of volunteers and Simon supporters, and believe that with the appropriate housing, care and support people can and do leave homelessness behind. This year Simon Week is proudly supported by Denny.
Over the course of the week a wide range of activities and events are planned throughout the country, building on the success of Simon Week 2008 and 2009. Simon aims to raise awareness of homelessness, urging all sections of Society to understand the causes of homelessness in Ireland and to take action in their community to tackle homelessness.
Patrick Burke, CEO of the Simon Communities of Ireland, said: “. Throughout Simon Week, we remind people that whatever the reason for their homelessness, we deal with them all and we are there to help people get back on their feet. Homelessness is about more than not having a roof over your head, or a set of keys, it can mean having many related needs which can include; poverty and social exclusion, mental health and physical ill health, problem drug and alcohol use, fractured family relations amongst other causes”
“It is also so important for people to realise in the current climate the risk factors for homelessness are greater and a whole new generation are now at risk. We must urgently address housing gaps but also acknowledge the supports that people need to move out of homelessness”.
During Simon’s seven days of action on homelessness, Simon calls on members of the general public, politicians and business people to visit and find out more about the seven actions you can take to help tackle homelessness in Ireland.
“This year, we are delighted to announce that Denny has come on board to sponsor Simon Week. Such support enables us to continue with our goals. In addition to sponsoring Simon Week, Denny has donated €150,000 to our organisation over the past year, and will continue their commitment to us for at least a further two years”.

Volunteer With Simon

Volunteers are at the heart of all we do in the Simon Community, volunteers are essential to the work we do. 

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What is Homelessness?

There are many reasons why a person becomes homeless, in Simon we deal with them all.

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