Homeless Figures Press Release: Decline in Homelessness Evidence that the Moratorium Was Working – Simon Communities of Ireland 

31st March 2023

Decline in Homelessness Evidence that the Moratorium Was Working – Simon Communities of Ireland 

11,742 people were in emergency homeless accommodation at the end of February – a decrease of 12 since January (11,754). This is the first time in 14 months that there has been a fall in homelessness.

The 11,742 men, women and children in homeless emergency accommodation in February 2023 represents a decrease of 0.10% (12 people) in one month but a 24% increase (2,250 people) since this time last year.

  • 1,599 were families – this is 10 (0.6%) less than the previous month (1,609 families)
  • 5,736 were single adults – this is an increase of 66 (1%) on the previous month (5,670 single adults). This is a record high number of single adults in homelessness
  • 3,373 were Children/Dependents – this is a decrease of 58 (1.7%) on the previous month (3,431 dependents)
  • 1,457 were Young People aged 18-24 – this is an increase of 2.4% on the previous month (1,423), and up 298 (25.7%) year on year from 1,159 in February 2022.

Wayne Stanley, Executive Director of the Simon Communities of Ireland, said:

“While a reduction of 12 people in emergency accommodation in the context of almost 12,000 is small, it is incredibly welcome.

What these figures suggest is that the moratorium, was doing its work, particularly for families, and keeping people out of homelessness. Unfortunately, it’s ending today but had it continued and the State taken action to step up initiatives to prevent and address homelessness, there was the potential to make some real and sustained progress.

We all know that the building of more social and affordable homes is the answer to the homelessness crisis. However, the figures today show that if the Government take actions to manage the crisis, we can make the journey to addressing it much less traumatic for those at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

While we hope that the figures today might give Government reason to review the decision to lift the moratorium, at a minimum, it must act at as an impetus for further action.

We again call for the Enacting of the Simon Bill to protect those identified at immediate risk of homelessness.”


For further information contact Aileen Gaskin 087 7724 717 /communications@simoncommunity.com

Information on homelessness trends can be found here: https://www.simon.ie/statistics-hub-national/

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