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About Home for Good

The Simon Communities of Ireland are proud founding members of Home for Good, a broad coalition of organisations and individuals who believe that Constitutional change is an essential underpinning for any successful programme to tackle Ireland’s housing and homelessness crisis.

Home for Good propose that the Constitution be amended to make it clear that access to adequate, secure and affordable housing is an essential part of the common good. Any amendment can preserve the right to private property, while also offering the counterbalance of a right to housing. Such action will unlock the barrier to essential reforming legislation and be a vital part of ending the current housing crisis.

Home for Good’s membership comprises organisations dedicated to tackling homelessness and providing secure homes, legal and academic experts, and people with deep experience of public affairs. Home for Good is also a member of Raise the Roof, the housing-focused coalition consisting of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, all the main homeless charities, the Union of Students in Ireland and a broad range of political activists. 

How Can You Get Involved?

The Housing Commission have launched a public consultation seeking views on a Referendum on Housing in Ireland. The consultation asks submissions to consider whether there should be a constitutional amendment and if so what form it should take.

The Simon Communities of Ireland need your help. This submission is an opportunity to have your voice heard and ensure housing becomes a constitutional right: we are calling on you to make a sumission today.

Here’s how you can get involved

1. Make a Submission

Send an email to the Housing Commission at ConsultHC@housingcommission.gov.ie before September 2nd requesting for:

    • the Referendum to lead to the right to housing
    • the Housing Commision use the recommneded working developed by Home for Good

2. Catch-up with our Webinar

Home for Good hosted a webinar to discuss what a constitutional right to housing would mean. Housing, homelessness, and legal experts explored in detail how you can get involved in making a submission.

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