Homeless Figures Press Release: Simon Communities of Ireland calls on Government to get on track to addressing homelessness

25th August 2023


Simon Communities of Ireland calls on Government to get on track to addressing homelessness  


Reacting to the homeless figures released today, The Simon Communities of Ireland are highlighting the need for the delivery of more social housing and constitutional change if the Government is to keep to its commitment of ending homelessness by 2030.


There are now 12,847 people in emergency homeless accommodation. This is an increase of 2% (247) since June and a 22% increase (853 people) since this time last year (July 2022).

  • 1,839 were families – this is 35 (2%) more than the previous month and a 29% increase in the year.)
  • 5,993 were single adults – this is an increase of 113 on the previous month
  • 3,829 were Children– this is an increase of 64 (2%) on the previous month

Wayne Stanley, Executive Director of the Simon Communities of Ireland, said:

“3,829 children will be starting back to school in the coming weeks from a homeless service. That is simply shameful.

The figures released today yet again show new record levels of homelessness in Ireland. This cannot be allowed to continue. The government has two clear opportunities over the coming weeks to take some of the steps required to meet their commitment to address homelessness by 2030.

One measure is setting new targets for public housing provision and providing the necessary funding in the upcoming budget to meet them. While progress has been made, we need the state to provide a minimum of 15,000 social homes each year.

Another is bringing forward an amendment to insert the right to housing into the Irish constitution. The Housing Commission is reported to have completed its work in this area, so the government is in a position to bring forward this amendment.

These two actions in tandem can be a catalyst for the progress on homelessness that is so desperately needed.


For further information contact Aileen Gaskin 087 7724 717 /communications@simoncommunity.com

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