Press Release: Latest comparable figures show a minimum of 7,348 households face eviction over the next three months

3rd April 2023

Latest comparable figures show a minimum of 7,348 households face eviction over the next three months

Figures released today from the Residential Tenancies Board show that 4,329 Notices of Termination were issued in Q4 2022 while the eviction ban was in place.

Looking at figures from the last 6 months of 2022:

  • 9,070 NoTs were received by the RTB*
  • In total, 5,358 (59%) terminations were issued because the landlord intended on selling the property.
  • Looking at NoT’s due to expire either within the period of the Moratorium or in Q2 2023 shows that 7,348 households face eviction over the next three months.

Wayne Stanley, Executive Director of the Simon Communities of Ireland, said:

“These latest figures from the RTB are very concerning. Of particular concern is the high number of Landlords reporting that they are selling up, with those homes most likely leaving the private rental system. Our recent locked out of the market report showed there are very few options for individuals and families to find a new home, particularly for those on low or modest incomes and this phenomenon of landlords leaving the market and selling-up will only exacerbate that.

The Simon Communities across Ireland are particularly concerned that this will see homelessness grow in the coming weeks and months even beyond the current shocking levels.

These figures and the current state of the private rental market further call into question the decision of the government to lift the moratorium on no fault evictions. Measures brought in by Government to mitigate the impact of the lifting of the moratorium, such as a ramping up of the tenant-in-situ scheme, the tenant’s right to ‘first refusal’ and changes to HAP evidently require time to deliver results. In that context, pulling away the safety net of the moratorium with 7,348 notices of terminations looming over the next three months is difficult to justify.”


For media enquiries contact:

Robyn Keleghan
P: 085 800 1275

Editor’s Notes:

*Previous figures from the RTB are not directly comparable with this NoT data. From 6 July 2022, new legislation came into effect that requires landlords to send a copy of all NoTs to the RTB on the same day the Notice is served on the tenant. Prior to this, where a landlord ended a tenancy that lasted more than six months, a copy of the NoT was required to be sent to the RTB within 28 days of the tenancy termination date as listed on the Notice.

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