Press Release: Stark Decline in Affordable Properties as Latest Locked Out Report Finds Just 80 HAP Properties Available Across 16 Areas

7th April 2022

Stark Decline in Affordable Properties as Latest Locked Out Report Finds Just 80 HAP Properties Available Across 16 Areas

The Simon Communities of Ireland’s quarterly Locked Out report shows yet another stark decline in the availability of affordable properties to rent by people reliant on Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Scheme.

There were only 80 properties available under a standard or discretionary limit in at least one of the four categories. This represented a decrease of 46% on the 148 properties which were available within at least one HAP category in the December 2021 study and a drastic 92% less than the 906 available in June 2021.

Across all the areas surveyed, there were only 737 unique properties available to rent at any price within the 16 study areas over the three dates surveyed. This represented a decrease of 45% from the 1,349 properties available to rent in the December 2021 Locked Out report.

The Locked Out report examines the experience of people on a low income and dependent on Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) to access housing in the private rental market. It also looks at the availability of homes to rent over a three-day period in March 2022. The report considers the availability of properties within both the standard and discretionary HAP limits in 16 areas around the country for four household categories: single person, couple, couple/one parent and one child and couple/one parent and two children.

A large majority of properties affordable under HAP rates in the March 2022 study were found in Dublin City, where the discretionary limits allow an additional 50% of the standard rate. This discretion is limited to 20% in Local Authority areas outside of Dublin.

As part of this report, the Simon Community noted the properties that could be available to rent if the discretionary rate was increased to 50% in all Local Authorities. This led to an additional 35 properties available across the four household types. This is significant given the severe lack of HAP affordable properties outside the capital. This Locked Out study found no properties available to rent in any household category within standard or discretionary HAP limits in 10 of the 16 study areas (Athlone, Cork City Centre, Cork City suburbs, Galway City Centre, Kildare, Co Leitrim, Limerick City suburbs, Limerick City Centre, Portlaoise, and Waterford City Centre).

There was only one property in this study affordable for single people under standard HAP rates. This was in Galway City Suburbs. This same property was also the only property available for a couple within standard HAP limits.

Wayne Stanley, Head of Policy and Communications at the Simon Communities of Ireland, said:

“The vast contrast between this Locked Out report and the last Locked Out report is shocking. The latest homeless figures saw 6,825 adults living in emergency homeless accommodation; the highest number of adults in homelessness ever recorded by the Department.

These numbers must be addressed and action must be taken before the situation escalates further. We need a housing system that works for everyone. The Minister has committed to enacting the Simon Bill which will be an integral protection measure for renters in Ireland. This important homeless prevention measure needs to be enacted as a matter of urgency.

HAP rates are currently under review with the Department of Housing and we want a commitment to raise discretionary HAP rates across the country to 50% and a reassessment of the standard rate given the rising cost of living and rents. HAP rates have remained stagnant since 2016 and rents continue to rise. Since then, the national average rent has risen by over 40%. This means the most vulnerable are left to pay unsustainable top-ups, putting them at risk of tenancy breakdown and homelessness. We need to ensure our rental market is affordable and secure, so that it prevents individuals and families from being evicted into homelessness.”


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