Locked Out of the Market; March 2022

The Simon Communities of Ireland’s quarterly Locked Out report shows yet another stark decline in the availability of affordable properties.

There were only 80 properties available under a standard or discretionary limit in at least one of the four categories. This represented a decrease of 46% on the 148 properties which were available within at least one HAP category in the December 2021 study and a drastic 92% less than the 906 available in June 2021.

Across all the areas surveyed, there were only 737 unique properties available to rent at any price within the 16 study areas over the three dates surveyed. This represented a decrease of 45% from the 1,349 properties available to rent in the December 2021 Locked Out report.

Household Types:

Of the 80 properties available to rent across the 16 study areas in at least one of the four household categories of HAP standard and discretionary limits, the following were available:

  • Single Persons: Only 1 property was available within HAP limits for a single person. This was found in Galway City Suburbs. There was only 1 additional unique property available within discretionary HAP limits for single people.
  • Couples: For Couples, there was only 1 property available within standard HAP; this was the same property available in Galway City Suburbs for single persons. An additional 15 properties were available under the discretionary HAP limits; only 1 of these occurred outside of the three Dublin areas examined.
  • Couple/one parent plus one child: there were 3 unique properties available within standard HAP limits for a couple/one parent and one child. A further 45 properties of properties were found within discretionary limits, with the vast majority of these located in the three Dublin areas.
  • Couple/one parent plus two children: there were 4 properties available within standard HAP limits for a couple/one parent with two children. An additional 60 occurred within discretionary limits. Again, the majority of these occurred in Dublin. Many of the properties available for this household type were also available under couple/one parent and one child.


Download the full report here:

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