Locked Out of the Market, September 2022

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Locked Out of the Market is a snapshot study undertaken every quarter over three consecutive days. This study was undertaken in September 2022 (19th, 20th, and 21st). This report tracks the number of properties advertised to rent within the Department of Housing Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) limits.

The September 2022 Locked Out of the Market report found 392 properties available to rent at any price within the 16 areas over the three dates surveyed. There were no properties available within a standard HAP rate and 35 were available within discretionary HAP rates.

This the lowest number of properties and HAP properties ever recorded by the Locked Out of the Market series. 

The report comes in the context of a private rental market affected by a documented ongoing contraction in supply, increase in rental prices, and an overall lack of affordability.

September 2022 is the first Locked Out report that did not find any properties affordable under standard HAP rates; all were available under discretionary rates. The supply of properties within HAP limits was predominantly available in Dublin; 65.7% (27) of the total 37 HAP properties were found in the three Dublin areas examined. Dublin has a discretionary HAP rate of 50% compared to only 35% for the rest of the country.



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